Communion Service – “Living the Word for a greater Impact” BY Pastor Samuel Gyau Obuobi

It’s Sunday, the morning after a successful and glorious Drama Praise and students truly “manifested their love for God” as they gathered this morning to hear from Him and fellowship with him through the communion.

The speaker who ministered was Pastor Samuel Gyau Obuobi; the resident pastor of PIWC, Asokwa on the theme “Living the Word for a greater Impact”. His main texts were taken from Acts 13:36 and Matthew 5: 13-16.

He began by entreating us that God wants us as His children to live a life of impact. God expects us to leave indelible marks and footprints on our generation.  He explained that to have impact means to have an influence on society, to affect positively your generation and to leave a legacy in our generation.

Before he continued his message he left us in deep thought by asking us some very important questions.

  • What has been your influence on your generation?
  • How positively have you affected your generation?
  • What legacy are you leaving behind?

He continued by speaking on how Jesus likened us to salt and light. Being salt and light is a responsibility given to us as disciples of Christ who have to make a greater impact. As salt, we are to touch and affect the lives of people whose live lives of bitterness and make them “tasty”. Just as salt preserves and prevents decay, we are to prevent corruption everywhere we are in this very corrupt generation. We are to effect changes that affect the lives of people living corrupt lives. As light, our presence must dispel darkness and sin from around us and make them flee. He emphasized on the fact that unless we take up our responsibility as salt and light we cannot make impact.

He stated that unfortunately in these times instead of Christians penetrating the world with light, it is the world that is penetrating us with darkness. He advised that Christians of today must stand to impact citing biblical examples like Joseph, Daniel and Esther who stood for God irrespective of the consequences. These legends from the days of old also made a great impact in their generation.

He made us note that: we can make impact no matter who we are or no matter our status or background citing that Naaman was impacted by the life of a captive maid from Israel. We don’t have time and cannot delay any longer in making impact since Christ is coming soon and a time is coming when we would not have the energy to do so because we would have grown old and our bodies, weak.

He also added that God has given us every resource we need to make impact (2 Peter 1:3). Everything we need to make impact has been given to us by God and so we have no excuse not to. He admonished us to change our mentality about ourselves and think of ourselves as God thinks of us. We are important in God’s sight, we matter and we are unique. Each one of us has also been called for greater impact.

Speaking on how we can have impact, he said that impact starts with the Word of God.

To impact we must have three levels of attitude towards the word of God.

  • We must know the Word by reading studying the word. This is the basic level and in this level we must become familiar with the word through devotion, study and memorization. (2 Tim 2:15)
  • Aside from knowing the word we must believe the word we know. Believe the Word is God himself and is inspired by him (2 Tim 3:16). Believe also that the Word is profitable to you.
  • Knowing and believing the Word is not enough, you must also live the Word. Apply the word of God to your life, practice what you know and believe. It is only at this point that you can make great impact.

He concluded by stating with all conviction that without living the Word we would become “successful failures”. Successful in the eyes of man but failures in the eyes of God.

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