Communion Service – “For Example” BY Pastor Seth Ofei Badu

A glorious Sunday characterized by a communion service was the focus for the morning. The church was honored to be ministered to by its Travelling Secretary Pastor Seth Ofei Badu. He started the ministration by admonishing the church to hold on to all that has been received this semester with the purpose of character change the focus. The topic for the day was “For example” with the sub topic- These things should characterize us.

Pastor Seth Ofei Badu in the opening half of the ministration gave a scripture for study Matthew 3-7 where He talked about John the Baptist, his lifestyle and ministry. He made the following statements:

  • His mission was named before he was born
  • People flocked to him though He recorded no miracles.

Now the center of the message began to unravel where he stated that the people came to him because they believed in him, specifically his lifestyle being the point of attraction. His message on repentance was to prepare the way for one mightier than Him setting the way for fruit bearing which was the purpose of the inner life that was to be given. Concerning fruit bearing he gave the following scriptures as support, Gal 5:22 and John 15. Even the Pharisees and Sadducees all came to experience character change. Again, concerning fruit bearing He gave this scripture John 12:24 where he outlined some very important points saying unless a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it dies, it bringeth forth fruit.

Moving on with his sermon, he also said that moisture which is necessary in growing crops stands for God’s grace, mercy and love which He has bestowed upon us giving us that ability to bear fruits. “Bearing fruits is powered by the Holy spirit” he said. Pastor Seth Ofei Badu also said that the soil which represents life on earth is the ground for fruit bearing thus we need not fear but recognize that we are viable seeds because we are the seed of God. Fruit bearers don’t break laws, since the righteousness of the law is fulfilled in them.

In the latter end of the sermon, He said that we in Christ are very wealthy, most reputable because of what has been freely given thus we should not be little ourselves. In Matthew 5:21-27 he also admonished the church on the need to be careful as Christians in living the Christian life, teaching us that impressing people through false pretenses is not necessary.

God’s love is searching for even the worst of sinners therefore let us be bold to enter into the throne room of grace to ask for mercy in times of need. Beloved the light of God really dawned upon all in the service and as children of God we ought to commune with God as our Father drawing men to God by our fruits not only our gifts for these things (fruits) should characterize us is the message the man of God put across.

It was indeed a great time in the presence of God after which the congregation dined with the Lord in what was the first communion service for the month.

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