Climax of Revival – “The Ultimate Beauty (of the believer)” BY Pastor Ebenezer Agyapong

Climax of revival, Thanksgiving Service and Lord’s Supper; the pack of these three events was what the congregants of PENSA worshipped under on this 4th day of September, 2016. Privileged was the church to have been ministered unto by God, through his servant, Ps Ebenezer Agyapong, the Travelling Secretary of Takoradi.

Having being the main speaker for the Revival, the man of God started off with a quick recap of the messages he was divinely led to preach right from Thursday, when he struck a comparison between the old and the new testament orders. The following day, he provided an insight into how the blessings we seek in our lives have already been provided for us. He established that, all we need to do is to just engage the Spirit of God and The Word to bring them into being.

Proceeding, he led the church into a short time of soul-touching music that captured all in awe. He made the point that our phones can actually be spiritual and entreated the members to look up some of the lyrics of the songs he raised on Google.

Right after this, Ps Agyapong zoomed quickly to deal with the topic of the day, “The Ultimate Beauty (of the believer)” under the revival theme, “Beauty for Ashes”. He began on the thoughtful note of how Christians in the early church under Emperor Nero were severely persecuted. Notable was how true worshipers of God would be burnt and used as a source of light whilst the fire consumes them, and how others would be killed by releasing lions to attack them. Yet, they kept on worshiping God wholeheartedly. How is it, this kind of commitment is not seen in our days?

Firstly, we must learn how not to follow the “sensible” information that get around in worldly cycles by knowing the difference between a fact and a truth. This is illustrated in the life of Paul when he cast out a demon, which possessed and made a lady a fortuneteller. (Acts 16:16-25) Even though the things she said to people “made sense” and were “factual”, since they were not inspired by the Spirit of God, they ceased to be the truth.

This teaches us never to outsource information from evil spirits in anyway. They are demons, and by nature are deceptive spirits. It is a lower kind of living to rely on what they say, instead of what God says.

That said, he moved on with another scenario in the life of Paul. It was about his sufferings. Just as the early Christians under Nero had an unflinching thirst for the gospel, Paul was extremely passionate about the things of God. The Bible has accounts of how he was flogged, beaten with iron rods and all manner of inhumane punishments he was subjected to. Paul, despite all of these, was always giving glory to God. (Philippians 3:3-9)What was his secret?

It was his personal relationship with God and the knowledge he had about God. This is what gives us the Ultimate Beauty. Nothing is more satisfying than having a deep insight about Jesus. The reason we are easily swayed by circumstances which are insignificant compared to the persecutions of the past Christians is that we have accepted the knowledge and philosophies of the world more than we have about Christ.

That is why you would hear that someone is so depressed or has abandoned school, just because his girlfriend has disappointed him. If God is truly the first in our lives, we will be too filled with His knowledge to be affected so much by our circumstances. We must develop this Ultimate Beauty by having a true connection with Jesus on a personal level. It transcends all forms of entertainment in the world and gives as the surest sense of satisfaction.

This was how the preacher concluded the message. With the zealous impact from this message, the service journeyed on to a glorious end! Thank God for His Word.

Christ in you…

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