AD-HOC Committee
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These are committees that have limited membership. The members are appointed by the executive committee of PENSA and are to serve for a year after which they may be considered for another term if qualified. These committees are:[spacer height=”10px”]
The Property Committee
The Property Head is the chairperson of the committee. It comprise of the Property Officer, Organising Secretary, Editor Librarian, and Music and Drama Direcr. The committee is tasked to keep up to date records of the property of the GROUP and advise the Executive Committee on property matters.[spacer height=”10px”]
The Welfare Committee 
The Vice President of the GROUP is the chairman of the committee. It comprise of the Vice President, Overseers and the Treasurer. The committees shall advice the executive committee on welfare matters including assistance to be offered to financially handicapped members of the GROUP, response to appeals, invitation, etc. Members are encouraged to make voluntary contributions in to the welfare fund to help in the committee assist “needy” students.[spacer height=”10px”]
The Evangelism Fund Publicity Committee
Evangelism Fund Publicity Committee is instituted to seek for funds to aid evangelistic activities. The Evangelism Fund Management Board administers the fund and:
» Shall be responsible to the President.
» Shall present a report to the Executive Committee at the end of every semester.
» Shall regularly update the contributions to the fund.
» Shall adopt strategies acceptable by the CHURCH in consultation with the Executive Committee to see to the growth of the Fund.[spacer height=”10px”]
Audit Committee 
The Audit Committee has a membership not less than three and not more than five. The Committee is appointed by the Out-going Executive Committee. Majority of the membership of the Committee has an Accounting background. They present a report to the Advisory Board for their appraisal before handing over.[spacer height=”10px”]
Constitution Review Committee 
The Committee is a seven-member Committee to consider the proposals submitted in writing to the Secretary of the GROUP. They are to see to the review of the constitution when necessary.[spacer height=”10px”]
Village Crusade Planning Committee
As the name suggests this committee is to see to the total organisation of the annual village crusades embark on by the GROUP. They liaise between the districts and centres for the crusade and the executive committee.[spacer height=”10px”]
Education Fund Publicity Committee
The committee is headed by the Vice President. It seeks to promote a serene atmosphere for students. This it does by providing assistance for “needy” students through its limited resources. Students who wish to spare some coins to help achieve this aim can channel their contributions through the hall overseers or the committee head.[spacer height=”10px”]
Alumni Coordinating Team
This committee is tasked to collate the host of PENSA-KNUST alumni across the globe so that they could be abreast with the current state of PENSA. They are also to coordinate all alumni for assistance towards the building project.[spacer height=”10px”]
Building Management Committee
This is a representative of the Building Management Committee for the project on campus. They liaise with the mother committee on PENSAs behalf to see to the smooth running of the project.[spacer height=”10px”]
Fundraising Committee
As the name suggests the committee is tasked to raise funds to aid the GROUPs activities especially the building project and village crusades. The group is to mobilise funds from both far and near to lise the GROUPS target for the year. he offering is done annually.