Ladies Wing Academic Seminar – “Prepared to do Academic Exploits” BY Dr. Mrs. Florence Ellis


Glorious is the Lord God almighty who has blessed us with this day and has also made it possible for the Ladies wing of PENSA–KNUST to have its first Ladies meeting at the Africa Hall Dining Hall. It was an academic seminar which saw the attendance of the ladies with the faithful gentlemen supporting the vision in their numbers. We are glad to also acknowledge the presence of some of the first year Ladies who were present.

We were privilege to be taught by Dr. Mrs. Florence Ellis, the wife of the Former Vice Chancellor of KNUST. She taught on the topic “Prepared to do Academic Exploits”.

She started the teaching with a firm emphasis on our necessity to be like Jesus. Just as the saying goes, ‘like father like son”, so are we to be like Christ Jesus in all our ways and everywhere we find our self, she continued.

She further laid emphasis that, though our limited knowledge is not like God neither our holiness like His, and thus in spite of our human nature, God encourages us to strive on to imitate Christ in all our ways.


Coming straight to the subject matter of the day, she gave the premise that, we must excel in our academics as followers of Christ! With this premise, she went on to outline some means to imitate Christ as students:

  • Know who you are in Christ
  • Choose your friends and carefully
  • Put up proper conduct in class, room, church and everywhere else we find our self
  • Set goals to achieve through the semester or in a particular period such as how much to increase in your CWA at the end of the semester.
  • Manage your resources carefully (e.g. Time).
  • Seeking help from TRUSTED persons

Expounding on time management, she encouraged us not to take too much work such that we are overloaded with work. In such cases our academics suffer and we begin to drop in our averages. She thus shared a tip that we can train our self to read our notes while doing a chore or spend a little time after lecture to go through our notes.


She further went on to make a point of encouragement that we are to be hardworking which involves

  1. Not missing lectures and studying hard
  2. Taking our Godly principles seriously
  3. Being continuously rooted in Christ
  4. Doing things to glorify God only.

She wrapped up with admonishment to have hope in our challenges because we are divine beings Christ loves and gave his life for. Though it might sometimes seem all hope is lost, Christ will always be there to usher us through such difficulties. We should always glorify God with our academics for which at the end we will be able to enjoy the glory.

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